AC milan will restart in January next year to introduce the transfer of the Belgian midfielder victor Selma, in view of the zenit wholesale college football jerseys side has no intention of retaining the Belgium international, this operation will be more close to achieving a milan.

Victor's transfer to zenit st Petersburg in the summer of 2012, for a college football jerseys fee college football jerseys custom of 40 million euros, the two sides signed a contract for five years. So it seems the belgians and zenit is out of contract until the summer of 2017, but the last two years on the part of the zenit changed the business strategy, team players some high value, high salary in cleaning list. The summer transfer window when zenit and milan failed to kids college football jerseys agree on a fee, until January that there must be a change.

Early this morning in the uefa champions league group stage, zenit team beat the Spanish giants valencia away from 3 to 2, victor's last minute winner in the game. But that goal is he recently one of the few moments, the super league is the eighth round, victor's only three games to play the full 90 minutes, the remaining five games was taken off the break, and only one assists to score. Zenit side thought, the summer transfer rumours of affected the Belgian state, in addition, he said want to leave Russia super to join serie a's buy college football jerseys comments, this also lets the team some discontent, coach bo, is simply a representation of the custom made college football jerseys victor Selma didn't meet his request.

Experience the bargaining of the summer transfer window, zenit has reduced the price from the original 40 million euros by 25 million or so, I'm afraid this price also wait until the winter transfer window "negotiable", the current Juventus have given up the introduction of Belgian, AC milan is the only buyers, victor Selma and the thais Mr Bee will become the driving force of the deal.

"Russia's too cold cheap authentic college football jerseys in winter, victor's hope to feel the warm winter in Italy." - the articles of the whole market finally wrote.

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